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    Underwater Basketweaving, B.A.

    | Unknown Location |

    Customer: “Can I have a banana?”

    Me: “Sure.” *I ring her up and give her a banana*

    Customer: “Uh, actually.. could I have a more ripe banana?”

    (I hand her a very yellow banana with faint spots on it.)

    Customer: “No, no, a RIPER banana. Like, a greener one.”

    (I stare at her for a second, get a greener banana, and watch her walk away wondering how she got into college.)

    Why Mom Isn’t Part Of The Admissions Criteria

    | Midwest, USA |

    (Working in a psychology department main office.)

    Caller: “Do you have the courses for a psychology graduate degree posted on you website?”

    Me: “Let me check….yes, they are posted on our website.”

    Caller: “But I can’t find them!”

    (I spend a couple minutes navigating her through our website. Once at the right page…)

    Me: “Is that all?”

    Caller: “Well she’s a sophomore, so is this what she needs?”

    Me: “No, if she’s an undergraduate she’ll need something else.”

    (I navigate her to our undergraduate listings.)

    Caller: “BUT, these are all PSYCHOLOGY classes!!”

    Me: “Ma’am, that’s what you asked for….”

    Caller: “No, I wanted the English requirements!”

    Me: “For an English degree?”

    Caller: “No the English requirements for a psychology degree!”

    Me: “Ma’am, do you want the Gen Ed requirements for all bachelor’s degrees?”

    Caller: “YES!!! That’s what I want!”

    (This call continues for many more minutes in which I explain that she should already have a huge packet on that from when her daughter started college. When she insists that they never got that, I actually navigate her over to the admission website, talk her through downloading the packet (a 600 page PDF), and have to explain not only what page to turn to, but where to look on the page.)

    (For her daughter’s sake, let’s hope it’s not hereditary.)

    Shhhh, They’re Listening Right Now!

    | Canada |

    Me: “**** University, how my I help you?”

    Phone client: “What is this about you recording my call? Are you guys working for CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)?”

    Me: “No sir, we record some calls in order to ensure the quality of our service. What can I do for you today?”

    Phone client: “Are you recording my call right now?”

    Me: “I don’t know sir. Management records call randomly.”

    *Hangs up*

    Please, Tell Me About Myself

    , | Ontario, Canada |

    Customer (holding aloft pen): “How long will this pen last?”

    Me: “Depends how often you use it.”

    Customer: “How often is that?”

    (I really didn’t know what to say)

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