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    Worst Of Luck To You

    | Colorado, USA | Uncategorized

    (I’ve just rung up a customer’s order and am handing her bingo cards.)

    Me: “Good luck!”

    Customer: *slaps my hand with her bingo cards* “Oh, h*** no! I don’t believe in good luck!”

    Me: “Okay, then… bad luck?”

    Customer: “Now that’s more like it!”

    When Your Number Is Up

    | Nova Scotia, Canada | Uncategorized

    Customer: “Hi, I’m here for the immunization clinic.”

    Me: “Sir, this is a bingo hall.”

    Customer: “You’re mistaken, the people at the hospital told me to come here.”

    Me: “Sorry sir, this is a bingo hall. I don’t know why they would tell you to come here.”

    Customer: “What are those people doing here then?” *points at the people playing bingo*

    Me: “They’re playing bingo, sir.”

    Customer: “You’re lying to me! You just want me to die!”