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    Hard Cash That Isn’t Cold

    | Namibia | Money

    (I have just finished withdrawing some money at the ATM. A clearly poor man approaches me from behind. Usually, I would expect someone to come up to me to beg for money.)

    Man: “I do not know how to use the machine. Can you help me?”

    Me: “Sure!”

    (The man hands me his card, and I insert it into the machine.)

    Man: “Can you check how much I have on my account?”

    Me: “Okay. It is asking for your pin.”

    Man: *without even thinking about it* “It is 1234.”

    Me: “It says you have 20 Namibian Dollars.”

    (Note: A loaf of bread cost N$ 5.)

    Man: “I’d like all of it.”

    (I withdraw the money, and give him back his card and the money. He immediately hands me back N$ 10.)

    Man: “This is for you, because you helped me.”

    (I hand it back to him.)

    Me: “Please, keep it!”

    (It is one of the most touching things to ever happen to me.)