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    Pride Goeth Before The Balls

    | Lakewood, CO, USA |

    Customer: “I want to adopt this dog. When can I take him home?”

    Me: “He’ll have to be neutered before he can go home. You can take him home in the afternoon.”

    Customer: “Wait, why does he have to be neutered?”

    Me: “Well, this is an animal shelter. All these animals are homeless and we don’t want to add to that with any accidental breeding.”

    Customer: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! A dog like him could produce some great pups.”

    Me: “Well, it’s our policy. He will be neutered before he leaves this building. It’s required.”

    Customer: “Will you guys at least put in fake implants? At least then he can keep his dignity.”

    Me: “Um…I don’t think we do that sort of thing.”

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