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    The Homo Critical Are Hypocritical

    | Quakertown, PA, USA | Bigotry, Rude & Risque, Theme Of The Month

    (Three men walk in at the same time to the adult bookstore where I work. Customer #1 heads straight for the lesbian porn. Customers #2 and #3 are regulars, and they are a couple. They have specially ordered certain items, and are there to pick them up.)

    Me: “Hey, guys! I have your order in the back. Let me go get it!”

    (I disappear, but as I’m picking up their box of items, I hear shouting. I rush out front.)

    Customer #1: “Homosexuality is a sin! Read the f****** Bible!”

    Customer #2: “Sir, you’re yelling at us in a porn store, while holding a DVD of lesbian porn. You are just a hypocrite, and I don’t need to listen to you.”

    (Customer #2 grabs Customer #3’s hand, and they continue to walk around the store. Customer #1 turns red, but comes to me to check out.)

    Customer #1: “Can you f******* believe those f***?”

    Me: “I can, and you know what? I love them, and accept them for who they are. As for you, I don’t accept your hatred. Get the h*** out of my store.”

    (I take the DVD, put it into the return to shelf bin, and wait for him to leave. He starts screaming.)

    Customer #1: “I’m going to put you in your proper place as a woman!”

    (Customer #2 and #3 come over.)

    Customer #3: “She told you to leave. Either you leave on your own, or we’ll help you.”

    (Customer #1 turns pale, and runs out of the store.)

    Customer #1: “The f*** are gonna get me!”

    (I turn to the two regulars.)

    Me: “Would you like a free DVD?”