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    Tag, You’re President

    | Germany |

    (I am helping out during the election in our region. A middle-aged man approaches the table to get his ballot papers.)

    Voter: “Hey, who should I vote for?”

    Me: “That’s your decision. Voting is about making your opinion heard.”

    Voter: “I don’t know!”

    (He waits for some time with his papers in hand before he enters a booth. He doesn’t come out for a few minutes. I am about to kindly ask him to hurry up.)

    Voter: “Hey, can someone say ‘stop’, please?”

    (The other voters snicker. A young woman looks at me. I shrug.)

    Woman: “Stop!”

    Voter: “Thanks! Once more, please!”

    Woman: “Stop!”

    (The man exits the booth and puts his ballot into the ballot box.)

    Woman: *amused* “Got a good vote there?”

    Voter: “Yes, thank you! This ‘making your opinion heard’ stuff is really hard!” *beams at everyone* “Well, I’ve done my duty now! It feels good!”