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    Sweet Candy, Bitter Purchase

    | North Dakota, USA | At The Checkout, Extra Stupid, Uncategorized

    (The grocery store has an ongoing deal where a gas coupon for 6 cents off per gallon prints at the bottom of the receipt. The minimum purchase is $30 before tax.)

    Me: “Your total comes to $29.76 before tax.”

    Customer: “It says it’s $30 there!”

    Me: “That’s after tax, sir. The coupon won’t print out unless you spend $30 before tax. If you add a candy bar, maybe?”

    Customer: “It says $30!”

    (He pays for the groceries.)

    Customer: “Where’s my coupon?”

    Me: “Like I told you, it didn’t come to $30 before tax. I told you that if you add a candy bar onto it–”

    Customer: “Well, ring me up for a candy bar and give me my coupon!”

    Me: “It doesn’t work like that, sir. It has to be $30 all at once.”

    Customer: “You’ve got extra coupons back here, don’t you!? Just give me an extra one!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the coupons print at the bottom of receipts. We don’t have them to hand out. They will only print out when you purchase enough items.”

    Customer: “Get me a coupon! I have a d*** candy bar!”

    Me: “I can refund your entire order and then ring it up again with the candy bar. You’ll get the coupon that way, but your card might show a double charge for a brief period of time.”

    Customer: “I don’t care! Do it!”

    (I refund his entire purchase and then ring it up again, this time with a candy bar, putting his subtotal over $30. The 6-cent gas coupon prints out at the bottom. Satisfied, the man leaves.)

    Coworker: “You know that guy doesn’t even own a car, right? He only has a bike.”