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    Sweaty Confetti

    | Colorado, USA | Uncategorized

    Customer: “I bought one of your bath balls with the confetti in it. It never dissolved and it just left a mess.”

    (He points to a bath ball with confetti.)

    Me: “We’ve never had a problem with that ball before, but I’ll keep that in mind. I would be happy to give you one without confetti for free so you can enjoy our products.”

    Customer: “Oh no, that’s not necessary. I just wanted to tell you guys about it so you can warn other people.”

    Me: “Thank you, I’ll definitely let everybody know about that.”

    Customer: “Yeah, you should! I mean, now I have confetti all over my house. On my floor, my carpet, my bed, even my couch and living room!”

    Me: “Wow, sounds like you had a lot of confetti!”

    Customer: “I did! It even got lodged in places.”

    Me: “Lodged in places?”

    Customer: “Yeah crevices, my crevices! I mean I have to dig it out of places. Anyway, I just came by to warn you guys.”

    (He starts heading out, and as he reaches the door he turns around.)