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    Sunset Should Be Childs-Play

    | UK | Extra Stupid, Family & Kids

    (Every week during the summer, we have an evening where we open late with all sorts of activities, ending with a huge firework display. On these days the phone rings off the hook.)

    Me: “Good afternoon, [park name].”

    Customer: “Hello, I just wanted to check; is it today you have the fireworks?”

    Me: “Yep, that’s today! There are loads going on around the park all afternoon and evening.”

    Customer: “That’s great! What time are the fireworks?”

    Me: “We’re aiming to set them off around nine o’clock.”

    Customer: “That’s ridiculous! Why does everyone have fireworks so late?! I have young children! They’ll be in bed by then! You’re a children’s park; you should have them at about five so my children can see them!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but it’s not dark until about nine.”

    Customer: “So?!”