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    Sum-thing Wrong With Our Schools

    | Colorado Springs, CO, USA | Extra Stupid, Math & Science

    (I am working the circulation desk at the downtown public library. A patron walks to the desk with a few DVD’s in hand.)

    Patron: “Hi! How many DVDs can I get?”

    Me: “You can have up to 20 checked out at once.”

    (The patron places his DVD’ on the counter.)

    Patron: “So, here I have…”

    (There is a bit of a pause as he is thinking.)

    Me: “…3?”

    Patron: “Yes! 3 DVD’s. And you said I could get…”

    (Another pause.)

    Me: “…20.”

    Patron: “Okay, 20 total. That means I can still get…”

    (A rather long pause, while the patron is clearly thinking very hard.)

    Me: “…17 more.”

    Patron: “Whoa! You’re really good with math!”