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    Sue Happy

    | North Carolina, USA | Uncategorized

    Customer: “Yes, I’m calling to complain. Your store has false advertising. You say you have the cheapest VHS prices in town, and I just came from a store who is selling them cheaper.”

    Me: “Really? Well let me call, and you can call back in 5 minutes, okay?”

    (I call the store & soon she calls back.)

    Customer: “Well?”

    Me: “You are correct, We sell for $5.00 and they’re selling for $4.81.”

    Customer: “Like I said, false advertisement. I could sue.”

    Me: “It’s a $0.19 difference.”

    Customer: “With 4 of those, that would be a dollar!”

    Me: “Correction, that would be $0.76. Would you like to sue me for that complete bill or should be round it up to a whole dollar?”

    Customer: “I will never shop with you again!”

    Me: “There will never be a need.”