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    Staff Efforts Are All In Vein

    | NY, USA |

    (I’m work with a server who faints around blood. A couple with their young son call the server over. The son has a bad nosebleed.)

    Customer: “We need the table wiped.”

    Server: “Certainly, sir.”

    (The server goes to the kitchen, and I come out to clean up the blood.)

    Customer: “Where’s our server!?”

    Me: “She can’t handle blood, and asked me to help.”

    (The customer begins to use a somewhat angry tone explaining about how he wanted his server to clean it up.)

    Me: “She’ll pass out, sir.”

    Customer: “You’re just trying to get out of making her do her job!”

    (The server then comes out, takes one look at the blood on the table, and passes out on the spot.)

    Customer: *shouting* “Now this is ridiculous! Doesn’t anybody want to do their job around here?”