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    Space-Time Is Money

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    (A customer enters, walks to the middle of the store, and starts looking around.)

    Me: “You look lost.”

    Customer: “Where’s your time machine?”

    Me: “…sorry, what?”

    Customer: “Don’t you guys have a time machine?”

    Me: *laughing* “I kind of wish we did.”

    Customer: “That’s weird that you don’t have one.”

    (There is a pause.)

    Customer: “Wait, what did I say?”

    Me: “You asked for a time machine.”

    Customer: “Oh, God, I meant an ATM machine.”

    Me: “Yup, right over here.”

    Customer: “Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

    Me: “It’s alright, you made my day. Good luck finding the time machine!”