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    Some People Can’t Handle The Power

    | Melbourne, Australia | Top

    Me: *on the phone* “Hello, how can I help you?”

    Customer: “My cable won’t stop changing channels.”

    (I walk the customer through a basic re-set.)

    Me: “Has that resolved the issue?”

    Customer: “No, it’s still changing channels.”

    Me: “OK, you’re just watching it and it’s just randomly changing channels by itself?”

    Customer: “Yes, when I press the channel up and down buttons on the remote, it keeps changing channels.”

    Me: “…that’s the purpose of the channel buttons.”

    Customer: “Well, how do I get it to stop changing channels?”

    Me: “Stop pressing the channel buttons.”

    Customer: *getting irritated* “But I want to press the channel buttons, but it won’t stop changing.”

    Me: “If you don’t want it to change, stop pressing the buttons.”

    Customer: “Oh…but how do I get it to stop?”

    Me: “Put your remote down and don’t touch it.”

    Customer: “That’s ridiculous, why would you have that button if it’s just going to change the channels?!”