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    Social Faux Pa Pa

    | Pennsylvania, USA | Uncategorized

    Child: “Daddy! Look at this!”

    (The father comes over to find his child looking at an adult magazine.)

    Father: *to me* “What the h*** is wrong with you? How can you let a 6-year-old boy look at this smut?!”

    Me: *ringing up another customer* “Sir, I’m with another customer right now.”

    Father: *waving the magazine in my face* “He is way too young for this! Why didn’t you stop him from looking at this?” *he starts screaming obscenities*

    (My manager walks by as this is happening.)

    Manager: “Sir, she is a cashier, not a babysitter. It is not her job to watch your child, it is yours. She was doing her job when you came up to scream at her. Now get out before I call the police.”

    (The man looks embarrassed as he leads his son out. A minute later, he walks back in.)

    Father: *mumbles* “I forgot my other son.”