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    So Superman, Rocky Balboa And ABBA Walk Into A Bar…

    | Prague, Czech Republic |

    (I work at a karaoke bar operating the machine and helping drunk guests choose songs. A lady was supposed to sing an ABBA song next, but some guy got a hold of the microphone.)

    Me: “Sir, excuse me, that lady is singing now, could you give me the mic?”

    Customer: *looking drunk and confused* “Nooo…I’m singing now!”

    Me: “Really? Dancing Queen?”

    Customer: “Whaaaat? I ordered Eye Of The Tiger!”

    Me: “But how? You didn’t tell me anything…and Eye Of The Tiger is not in our list…”

    Customer: “I told that guy…”

    (The customer points to the corner of the bar, where some man in a superman costume was sleeping.)

    Me: “Umm…he doesn’t work here you know…”

    Customer: “Whaaaaat?! Can I still do the song then?”

    Me: “I’ve just told you we don’t have it…”

    Customer: *pointing to Superman again* “He told me you do!”

    Me: “Yeah, we don’t…do you want to try some other song?”

    Customer: “I WANT THE EYE OF THE TIGER!!!”

    Me: *scared and desperate* “…How about a free shot instead of a song?”

    Customer: *suddenly happy* “Alrighty!”