• My Roommate Is My Pet Hate
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    Short-Sighted Fathers

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    (A man and his son walks into the guest services office.)

    Customer: “The rides person won’t let my son get on the pirate ship ride.”

    Me: “Your son doesn’t appear to be tall enough. Will you have him stand by the height chart for me?”

    (I measure the child and he is a good two inches shorter than the height requirement for the pirate ride.)

    Me: “Sir, your son is not within the height category. He cannot legally ride the ride.”

    Customer: “Well, can’t you just stamp his hand and let him get on since I said it was okay?”

    Me: “No sir, that is illegal. Your son will not be safe on that ride as the restraints are not built for smaller riders. We do have a kid’s version of that ride.”

    Customer: “I’m going to get my wife. She’s wearing heels today. He can just put those on and be tall enough.”

    Me: “Any shoes that are more than two inches thick need to be removed before we can measure the child, so that won’t work.”

    Son: “Daddy, why can’t we ride the rides?”

    Customer: “Because that horrible lady thinks you’re a midget.”