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    Short-Change Deranged

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Top

    (I have just entered a customer’s order coming to $15.50. He hands me a twenty.)

    Customer: “Oh, could I get another small popcorn too?”

    Me: “Of course, sir.”

    (I get the popcorn and add it to the order. It now totals $19.95. I give him 5 cents back. The customer walks away and I finish a few more orders. He comes back angry.)

    Customer: “You short changed me!”

    Me: “Are you sure, sir?”

    Customer: “Of course I’m sure, you idiot! You only gave me back a nickel. You took 4 bucks from me! Give it to me now!”

    Me: “I can’t just give you money from the till. In fact, I remember your order. It was $19.95 and you gave me a twenty.”

    Customer: “Don’t lie to me! It was 15 something!”

    (My manager overhears.)

    Manager: “What’s going on here?”

    Customer: “This b*** short changed me 4 bucks!”

    Me: “Sir, you saw the total at $15.50. Then, you asked for a small popcorn. Do you remember that?”

    Customer: “Count the cash in the drawer! No, wait. She probably pocketed it! Empty your pockets now!”

    (I show him there is nothing in my pockets.)

    Customer: “She probably put it in her bra! Take off your clothes! Now!”

    Manager: “She’s not taking off any clothes.”

    Customer: “Fine! Then just let me put my hand in her bra and get my money out!”