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    Sheet Happens

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    (Customer calls our department.)

    Me: “Bath and Bedding Department…”

    Customer: “Yes, do you guys carry sheets?”

    Me: “Yes we do.”

    Customer: “Do you carry king sized sheets?”

    Me: “Yes we do.”

    Customer: “Do you have a lot of sheets?”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am. We have a wide variety of sheets.”

    Customer: “Good. I need you to put on hold for me a green set. Then again, put on hold a rose color too. Oh, and ivory and white. And some navy. I’ll be in to pick out what I want.”

    Me: “But what kind of sheets? We have several brands and thread counts to choose from…”

    Customer: “What is your name?”

    Me: *gives her my name*

    Customer: “Okay, I am going to come into your store and find you! Just be sure to get me those colors. I’ll be there in an hour!” *hangs up*

    (Of course, she never showed up.)