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    Separates The Men From The Boys

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    (Two customers come into the store wearing a uniform from the same company. Often when this happens, people generally get separate items, then pay for them together, so I always ask to make sure before ringing the items up. They are both male.)

    Me: “Hello, are you two paying together?”

    Customer #1: “No! We are definitely not together! I’m not gay! We work together. That’s all OK! We aren’t gay together! He’s not my boyfriend and we are not a couple! Not that I’m against… You know… I’m not prejudiced! BUT WE AREN’T TOGETHER!”

    Me: “Sir, I asked if you are paying together.”

    Customer #1: “Oh…No. Separately. Which is what we are. Separate. Not a couple.”

    Customer #2: *trying not to laugh* “Sorry about him.”

    Me: “Don’t apologise! You guys just made my day. But you know…separately.”