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    Schwarzenegger Fi

    | Long Island, NY, USA | Bizarre, Military, Zombies

    (I work in a New Age sort of store, so we get some interesting types.)

    Customer: “I’m the son of Jesus and am preparing for World War III. Do you own any guns?”

    Me: “Yeah, I do actually.”

    Customer: “Good! You can come fight with me and my friends when the armies come.”

    Me: “Um… no thanks. I actually have my own apocalypse plan, in case of zombies and stuff.”

    Customer: “Oh, okay. Well, make sure that when it happens, you watch out for any Marines you see!”

    Me: *shocked* “My brother is a Marine!”

    Customer: *shakes head sadly* “He’s lost. He’s a cyborg. You’ll have to destroy him before he destroys you!”

    Me: “Thanks for the heads up…”