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    Say No To A CEO

    | Montreal, QC, Canada | At The Checkout, Bad Behavior, Technology

    (I am alone when an older man walks in from the cold.)

    Customer: “So, where is it!?”

    Me: “The new Blackberry? Right there on display!”

    Customer: “How much is it?”

    Me: “It is [price] on a three-year term.”

    Customer: “But without a plan?”

    Me: “Well, we only do term plans.”

    Customer: “Oh, okay.”

    (He starts to leave, and has one hand on the door and starts to push it open. Suddenly, he turns back to me.)

    Customer: “At what monthly rate?”

    Me: “Well, they start at [price].”

    Customer: “What does that give!? Seven-Bajillion minutes!? I am [name], the CEO of [Wholesale Warehouse]. You don’t know who walks through those doors! It’s your job to create interest in the product!”

    Me: “Sir, you were not interested in obtaining a plan, and were halfway out the door.”

    Customer: “You have to keep me in the store! You’re f****** terrible!”

    Me: “Excuse me!?”

    Customer: “What? Excuse me what!?”

    Me: “You swore at me. I don’t accept that.”

    Customer: “F***! F***! This is Canada! I can swear all the f*** I want! I stayed at Richard Branson’s private island! You are f****** incompetent! You can’t do your f****** job, and are f****** horrible at it too! I don’t know what the f*** you are doing here!”

    Me: “Leave. Now.”

    Customer: “Not like I was going to stay!”