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    Reaching Breaking Point

    | Kahului, HI, USA | Bad Behavior

    (I’m taking a half-hour break. Due to company policy, I am not allowed to go back on the clock until a full half-hour has passed. After checking and seeing that I still have another five minutes before I can get back to work, I attempt to go back to the break room when a customer flags me down.)

    Customer: “Excuse me, I’d like to cash out and go. There’s no one at the register, so can you please take care of it?”

    Me:“I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’m actually on my break right now, but I can definitely go and grab someone who can do it for you if you’ll just wait a moment.”

    Customer: “But it’ll take only a minute. Why can’t you do it?”

    Me: “Legally if I’m on my break, I cannot do any work. But as I said, I can get someone quickly who will be more than capable of helping.”

    Customer: “That’s fine.”

    (I go and retrieve my manager, who is more than happy to go and help them. I return after five minutes to clock back in when I see the customer red-faced and shaking with rage. When she sees me, she points at me and screams.)

    Customer: “That’s him! He’s the one who just blew me off! He said he couldn’t help because he was on his break.”

    (The manager explains the company policy to her.)

    Customer: “I don’t care! I wanted service immediately and he didn’t give it!”

    Manager: “So what did you expect him to do, break company policy and get written up with our company?”

    Customer: “Yes!”

    Manager: “Why?”

    Customer: “Because I’m the customer and I’m always right! Now I’m late for my flight back home.”

    Me: “So instead of waiting an extra minute for someone else to check you out, you spent the next five complaining when you could have been gone?”

    Customer: *pause* “F*** off.”

    (The customer then proceeds to storm out. I laugh while my manager gives me a tired look.)

    Manager: “Go ahead and take another half hour. It’s on me.”