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    Rated I For Immature, Part 3

    | NY, USA | Movies & TV

    (Two older women have come in to see a popular, R-rated film. They are quite giddy and cheerful.)

    Me: “Hi, what can I do for you today?”

    Customer #1: “Two senior tickets for [film], please!”

    Customer #2: “I’m paying! Don’t let her pay, it’s her birthday!”

    Customer #1: “No, I’ve got it!”

    Customer #2: *moves between her friend and me* “No, I’m paying!” *she pays* “Don’t mind us, we’ve just escaped from the nursing home.”

    Customer #1: “Don’t tell our kids we’re here!”

    (I smile, and they go to their movie. An hour and a half later, I see them walking out, quiet and looking stunned.)

    Customer #1: “We are not telling our kids we saw that!”

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    Rated I For Immature