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    Rapscallion Fun

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    Me: “Hello, can I help you with anything?”

    Customer: “Yes, do you have any scallions?”

    Me: “Oh yes, we do. They’re right here.”

    Customer: “No, not spring onions, scallions!”

    Me: “The two are the same thing. They just have different names.”

    Customer: “But do you have any scallions?”

    Me: “They’re right here!”

    Customer: “Those aren’t scallions, those are spring onions!”

    Me: “Give me a moment, let me check outside for you.”

    (I go out to the prep room, pick up a crate of spring onions, turn over the ticket and write ‘SCALLIONS’ on the front.)

    Me: “Here we are, the last box.”

    Customer: “Fantastic! Thank you so much!”

    (The customer filed a positive comment about me, and I got a pay rise!)