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    Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

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    (I had just started a new IT job for a large school district and was not expecting the level of stupidity I would be dealing with on a regular basis. Within my first 3 weeks, I receive a phone call from a school.)

    Clerk: “Hi, I am trying to use this new system on these computers and I attempting to make my account. My Principal got me started but now I am stuck.”

    Me: “What seems to be the problem?”

    Clerk: “Well, it is asking me for First Name and I have no idea what I am supposed to type.”

    Me: “You’re at the registration screen? Um…well I think you are supposed to enter your name.”

    Clerk: “Oh…okay…wait. No, it’s asking me for something else.”

    Me: “What now?”

    Clerk: “It says…last…name…what do I put here?”

    Me: “Probably your last name.”

    Clerk: “Oh, thanks…oh Jesus, now it’s asking for my phone number! What the hell am I suppose to put here! Why can’t I just do it the old fashioned way?”

    Me: “You mean pen and paper?”

    Clerk: “Yes! It was so much easier. These fancy computers are just so complicated. I never understand what I am suppose to do!”

    (I bit my tongue and just let her ramble on about how ‘First Name’ was such an incredibly hard concept to grasp.)