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    (I work at the call centre for a major tollway, which has two long tunnels. One day there is a major accident in the tunnel, with a fuel fire and multiple fatalities, obviously closing it. Twenty minutes later, I receive a call.)

    Caller: “They are directing me off the tollway… there weren’t any signs about this.”

    Me: “That’s right, there’s been a major accident in the tunnel. However, the police, ambulance and fire service are all in attendance. The road is closed while they evacuate it.”

    Caller: “But there are no signs about it! You always have signs when there’s a closure!”

    Me: “If it’s a scheduled closure, we put signs up. Half an hour ago there was a major accident… I believe there has been a fatality. They are currently evacuating the tunnel and no one is able to drive through at the moment.”

    Caller: “Half an hour? That means you should have signs up by now!”

    Me: “I’m sorry, the maintenance crew who puts up the signs are assisting with the evacuation at the tunnel.”

    Caller: “I don’t care about the accident, you should have signs!”

    Me: “Tell that to the people trapped in the tunnel. Thanks for your call.”