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    Not Always Right has been featured on several notable sites & publications, including:

    PCMAG: The Top 100 Websites of 2013 (scroll down the page to see)

    Not Always Right on New York Times
    Cheeky One, That
    Helps Explain Amazon.com

    Not Always Right on Consumerist
    Bad Customers And The Stupid Things They Say

    Not Always Right on Telegraph.co.uk
    Seven classes of “weirdo” identified

    Not Always Right on Geek Sugar
    Hilarious Customer Service Stories at Not Always Right

    Not Always Right on MSNBC
    Multi-link Monday

    Not Always Right on Canada.com
    The Customer Is Always Right

    Not Always Right on USA Today
    Pop Candy

    Not Always Right on Readers Digest
    The Daily 5

    We of course offer our sincere gratitude to our loyal readers, whose countless submissions (we have a backlog that numbers over 2,000 … yes, our reading chimp has been slacking lately), social linking mentions and spontaneous blog and forum links have been instrumental in the site’s success. Thank you.