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  • Post Credit Marvels

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    (The credits are rolling after “Thor: The Dark World.” One post-credits scene has already played, but there has been word that there is another. Half of the theater seems to be unaware and begins filing out. The patron in front of me begins to shout.)

    Patron: “There’s one more!”

    (People continue filing out.)

    Patron’s Friend: “That was my ear!”

    Patron: “Well, get your ear out of the way! Really, there’s one more!”

    (Those who have decided to leave continue to do so.)

    Patron: “Seriously, I’m not Loki! There’s ONE MORE!”

    (People are still leaving.)

    Patron: “ENJOY IT ON YOUTUBE!”

    (Sure enough, there is one more cut scene after the credits. Sir, thank you for your valiant efforts to warn the masses!)