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    Polly Want A Manner

    | Israel | Awesome Customers, Pets & Animals

    (A man walks in with a parrot sitting on his shoulder.)

    Customer: “Hello!”

    Me: “Hi!”

    Customer: “I would like one bun with sunflower seeds!”

    Me: “Here you go.”

    (The customer pays and takes the bun. He then takes off the sunflower seeds and feeds them to his parrot.)

    Me: *laughing* “Bon appetite!”

    Customer: “Thank you!” *to the parrot* “Say thank you!”

    Parrot: “Thank you.”

    Me: “You’re very welcome!”

    ((The customer leaves, still feeding the seeds to his parrot. A few minutes later he comes back with the bun, which is now completely seed free.)

    Customer: “Do you have a trash can? I don’t need it any more.”

    Me: “Ah… sure, give it here.”

    Customer: “Very good! Goodbye!” *to the parrot* “Say goodbye to the girl!”

    Parrot: “Bye bye!”

    (They both leave, having seriously made my day.)