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    Please, No More

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    Zoo visitor: *points to cage* “Ain’t that one of them brown ree-cluse spiders?”

    Me: “No, sir, that’s a local spider called a fishing spider. Brown recluses are much much smaller and–”

    Zoo visitor: “Yeah it is. That there’s a brown ree-cluse spider. I had one in my basement; exterminator told me it was a brown ree-cluse.”

    Me: “Brown recluses really don’t get this far east. Plus they’re much much smaller.”

    Zoo visitor: “HONEY! Come over here a sec. Ain’t this one of them ree-cluse spiders?”

    Zoo visitor’s wife: “Yep! Just like that one from the basement.”

    Zoo visitor: “Honey, tell ’em what we did with that spider that night when we was makin’ love!”

    (I did not stay to hear the rest. I was too terrified.)

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