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    Planning To Walk A Mile In Another Man’s Shoes, Part 2

    | IN, USA | Criminal/Illegal

    (I work in the shoe department of a retail chain. I notice two customers walking through the aisles; both are wearing extremely shabby shoes.)

    Me: “Hey guys, can I help you find anything?”

    Customer: “Nah, we’re just looking.”

    (I walk away. Moments later, I see both guys heading towards the front door. This time, one is wearing a pair of sparkling white, brand new shoes. Knowing exactly where those shoes are in the department, I find a box containing the customer’s dirty sneakers. I grab the box and chase them down as they’re walking out to the parking lot.)

    Me: “Hey guys, did you forget something?”

    Customer: “Um… no? What do you mean?”

    Me: “Well, if you’re going to steal shoes, don’t you at least want to keep your old ones?”

    (I open the box to show him.)

    Customer: “Oh, steal? No, I was just going to pay for them.”

    Me: “I get it. You thought the cash registers were outside? That’s a common mistake! I’ll escort you to a check-out line.”

    (I’ll give the customer credit; he did pay for the shoes. He probably didn’t enjoy them as much, since he didn’t get them for free.)

    Planning To Walk A Mile In Another Man’s Shoes