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    Placebo Me, Part 3

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    (I work in the footwear department at a sports store.)

    Customer: “I would like to return these hiking boots.”

    Me: “These boots look like they have been worn outdoors. I need a manager to approve this return.”

    Manager: “Why are you returning these boots? Was there something wrong with them?”

    Customer: “Yes, they kept tripping me…”

    (The customer and her husband argue for about 5 minutes before finally my manager gets fed up and gives in.)

    Manager, to me: “Could you please help this lady find some hiking boots that won’t trip her?”

    Me, to customer: “Do any of these hiking boots catch your eye?”

    Customer: “Oh, these are cute.”

    (I turn to see her holding up a pair of boots identical to the pair she had just returned.)

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