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    Phoning, But There Is Nobody Home

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    Me: “So, I need to get you off your cell phone so we can put a lock code on it. Then people can’t use it without your permission.”

    Customer: “Okay. That would be good.”

    Me: “Do you have another line I can call you on?”

    Customer: “My boyfriend’s phone is right here.”

    Me: “What’s his number?”

    (She gives me the number.)

    Me: “Okay. I’m going to call you on his phone. Don’t hang up until we get on that line.”

    (I put her on hold and call the phone. Nobody answers. I check back on her.)

    Me: “Ma’am, I think I have that number wrong. Can you give it to me again?”

    (She gives me the exact same number.)

    Me: “Okay. I called you on that number and nobody answered.”

    Customer: “Well, it rang but I didn’t answer it. I wasn’t sure who was calling.”