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    Pants-Fulfilling Prophecy

    | Salisbury, MD, USA |

    (A coworker of mine is looking through racks of clothes, trying to find where a shirt goes. A customer and her friend approaches her as she’s doing this.)

    Customer: “Why the h*** are you following us?”

    Coworker: “Um…sorry?”

    Customer: “You don’t have to follow us around the whole store. I’m not going to steal some cheap $5 shirt.”

    Coworker: “Ma’am, I’m just trying to figure out where this shirt goes.”

    Customer: “Shouldn’t you know where it goes? You do work here!”

    Coworker: “Sorry, ma’am, they change the layout every few days.”

    Customer: “I should sue you for discrimination!”

    Coworker: “Ma’am, if I thought you were going to steal from us, the manager would be following you, not me.”

    Customer: “Whatever! We’re leaving!”

    (As the customer turns away, my coworker notices a tag sticking out from the pants of the woman who was with the angry customer.)

    Coworker: “Tell your friend that she can pay for that shirt she’s trying to steal at the front of the store.”

    Customer’s friend: “S**T!”

    (The customer and her friend both bolt from the store, dropping the shirt in the process.)