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    If Only You Could See How Dumb You Look

    | Indianapolis, IN, USA | Health & Body

    (A customer calls in to check the status of his glasses. They have been here for several months because he hasn’t paid his balance in full. His account is therefore in collections.)

    Me: “Thank you for selecting [store]. This is [name]. How can I help you?”

    Customer: “I want my glasses. My name is [name]. They need to be shipped to my new address.”

    Me: *checks for his glasses* “Okay, sir, it appears you have an unpaid balance on your account. Your glasses were sent to corporate for unpaid fee and for not picking them up within 60 days.”

    Customer: “Why do I have a balance?! I can’t see and you are rude! Give me the glasses. Here is the address….”

    (The customer gives his new address, which happens to be out of state.)

    Me: “Sir, I apologize for the inconvenience. Let me take down your information and give you a call back.

    Customer: “Fine! You are awful at your job. I got glasses and now you’re keeping them from me. You want me to suffer?!”

    Me: “No, sir. Let me call you back.”

    (I find out the customer is not eligible for his insurance and he now owes the full balance for his glasses. There’s nothing I can do, but I call him back to inform him.)

    Customer: “What do you mean I don’t have insurance?! I just used it last week. This is ridiculous! Are you that stupid?! Send me my glasses TODAY! Now!”

    Me: “Sir, there’s nothing I can do. You owe $130.98 for the glasses. You have to pay it before we can get them to—”

    Customer: “Why do you need those glasses so much? You can’t afford to send them to me? What kind of business is this?!”

    Me: “I have no control over your insurance and I don’t know what you want me to do. Either pay for the glasses or call back when you can.”

    Customer: “I demand my glasses now!”

    Me: “You have Indiana Medicaid and now you live in another state. Maybe that’s why you no longer are insured. You want me to send you a free pair of glasses and be insured by a state you no longer live in?”

    Customer: “Yes! Do it.”

    Me: “Sorry, I can’t do it even if I wanted to.”

    Customer: “But I’m blind! I can’t see anything.”

    Me: “Sir, you have the lowest possible prescription that we make glasses for.”

    Customer: *click*

    (He calls back everyday for two weeks and curses everyone out, including my manager. Thankfully, he eventually pays the balance.)

    Customers Come In All Stripes

    | UK | Crazy Requests

    (It’s been an uneventful day at work…that is, until a young lady comes in asking if she can make a request.)

    Customer: “It’s coming up to my father’s birthday, and he never knows what to do.”

    Me: “Okay, so what can I help you with?”

    Customer: “So, I’m going around various attractions and places we could have a day out. I’m having my photo taken at each one to turn into a big poster so he has an idea of where we can go.”

    (I nod while she’s explaining this, as it sounds very reasonable.)

    Customer: “So, would you be able to take a photo of me pretending to bowl?”

    Me: “Yeah, sure! We’re not too busy, so I can do that for you.”

    Customer: “Great. Now, one more thing…”

    Me: “Sure, fire away.”

    Customer: “Can I do it dressed in a tiger costume?”

    Me: *laughing* “Sure, go ahead!”

    (She wasn’t pulling my leg: I took the picture of her dressed as a tiger, leaving me smiling for the rest of the night.)

    An Eye For An Eye Makes For Great Box Office Numbers

    | Westmont, NJ, USA |

    (A customer comes to the counter with the video box for “Gandhi”.)

    Customer: “Have you seen this?”

    Me: “Yes. It’s a good movie.”

    Customer: “What’s it about?”

    Me: “It’s about the peace activist Mahatma Gandhi.”

    Customer: *excited* “So there’s lots of shooting and stuff? *gestures like he’s firing a machine gun*

    Me: “No, not really.”

    Customer:*disappointed* “Oh, well…I’ll get it anyway.”

    We Try Not To Die For A Pie

    | Woodbridge, VA, USA | Food & Drink

    (I’ve just finished taking a customer’s delivery order.)

    Customer: “So, if it’s not here in 30 minutes it’s free, right?”

    Me: “I’m sorry, we strive to get it to you within 30 to 45 minutes, but there’s no free pizza if it’s there after 30 minutes. That used to be policy, but we stopped doing that years ago.”

    Customer: “That’s unacceptable! Why?”

    Me: “Because drivers were having to pay for late pizzas out of their paychecks. Consequently, they were driving dangerously fast, causing accidents. People were getting badly hurt, so we ended that policy.”

    Customer: “I don’t see how that’s my problem!”

    3D Or Not, Time Is Still Linear

    | California, USA | Extra Stupid

    (I work in a box office at a movie theater.)

    Customer: “Is there a non-3D showing of Green Hornet at 6:45?”

    Me: “No, it’s at 8:00.”

    Customer: “When’s the next non-3D one?”

    Me: “8:00.”

    Customer: “There’s not one at 6:45?”

    Me: “No, it’s at 8:00.”

    Customer: “Oh…I looked up the 3D show instead of the regular one. So, wait, when’s the next non-3D showing of Green Hornet?”

    Me: “8:00…”

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