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An Offering To The Literary Gods

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(I’m sitting at the reference desk when a lady walks in with a beautiful bouquet in one hand, a bag full of freshly-baked loaves of bread in the other, and a ferocious scowl on her face. She comes to the desk and slams down the flowers.)

Lady: *growls* “Flowers for librarians!”

(She slams down the bread, then growls again.)

Lady: “Bread for librarians!”

(She then puts both hands on the desk and leans forward.)

Lady: *snarling* “Now find me a book!”

Stop The Presses

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(I was working on the theater’s ticket-selling system. It printed every ticket using a thermal printer, on paper that gets black in spots where it is heated. A customer comes in with a completely black ticket.)

Customer: “I want this ticket replaced! What kind of tickets do you sell?! I can’t see anything on it!”

Me: “I’m sure we didn’t give you this ticket in this poor state. What happened to it?”

Customer: “It got all bent in my purse and looked ugly, so I ironed it.”

Me: “But ma’am, this ticket is printed on a thermal paper. It gets black when heated, so–”

Customer: “You should’ve warned me that I can’t iron the ticket!”

Once You Go Front-Load, You Never Go Back

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(I sell home appliances at a national store chain. I’m talking to a married couple interested in a washer and dryer.)

Me: “So this is one of our top-rated washers in terms of reliability, price, and capacity.”

Wife: “Does it come in other colors?”

Me: “Yes. You’ll notice on the sign here, there’s a listing of the colors available and the price difference, if any. So, for instance, this machine also comes in another color.”

Husband: “I bet that machine has a much bigger capacity.”

Wife: “Ugh, why is it always about sex with you?”

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He’s Ho-Ho-Home For the Holidays

| Chillicothe, OH, USA | Uncategorized

(A customer comes up to us shortly after our mall Santa has finished for the season.)

Customer #1: “Hey, is Santa here?”

Me: “No, yesterday was his last day.”

Customer #1: “When will he be back?”

Me: “I think he’s done for the season.”

Customer #1: “Well, do you know where he is?”

Me: “Um…the North Pole?”

Customer #2: “Hahaha!”

Customer #1: “…okay, I walked in to that one.”

Please Do Not Creep Out The Employees

, | Bozeman, MT, USA | Uncategorized

(A male customer comes into our lingerie store and wanders around, looking at the merchandise.)

Me: “Good morning, welcome to [lingerie store]. How can I assist you today?”

Male customer: “I need to get my wife a gift.”

Me: “Okay, what were you thinking of?”

Male customer: “Oh, you know, underwear or something.”

Me: “Okay, what type? Special occasion? Casual everyday?”

Male customer: “Definitely something special. It’s our anniversary.”

Me: “Do you know her sizes?”

Male customer: *moves towards me* “About your size…” *looks at my chest*

Me: “Okay, then…why don’t you show me what you’ve seen that you like?”

Male customer: “I like…you.” *leering*

Me: “I think you’ll like my manager then, too!” *run away to get my manager*

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