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    Wesley Called, He Wants His Tan Back

    | Los Angeles, CA, USA | Top

    (Customer walks in and is a bright white Jewish guy with a big beard.)

    Me: “How may I help you?”

    Customer: “Hi, my brother says you can give me a tan so I can look like Wesley Snipes.”

    Me: “What?”

    Customer: “You know Wesley Snipes, He’s got a great tan. It looks like he’s a real black guy.”

    Me: “Wesley Snipes IS a REAL black guy.”

    Customer: “Yeah, because of the great tan he’s got.”

    Me: “…Okay?”

    Customer: “Look, I just need to be as dark as that guy so I can learn how to rap.”

    Me: “You can learn how to rap without being black. Look at Eminem.”

    Customer: “Are you gonna give me a tan or what? I have all the money to pay for it.”

    Me: “Well, okay. If that’s what you want…but you’re gonna have to shave off that beard and go to the jewelry shop across the street to buy a giant platinum chain with diamonds all over it.”

    Customer: “Smart a**!”

    (So we put him through the spray tanner like ten times and made him pay 35 bucks for every time. We had almost gotten him as black as Wesley Snipes when our boss walked in and asked what the h*ll was going on. He said we had to shave all beards before starting the process. So, now this guy gets his beard shaved by my coworker and the result was the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life. He looked like a freaking raccoon!)

    (The customer looks in the mirror.)

    Customer: “You sons of b**ches, you did this on purpose! You racist b**tards hate Jewish people! All I wanted was a f**king tan!”

    (The raccoon got dressed super fast and ran out…)

    Toothless Accusations

    | New York, NY, USA |

    Patient: “How much is my total?”

    Receptionist: “$200.”

    Patient: “What? That’s ridiculous! I should get a discount because I come here so much.”

    Receptionist: “Ah, well, we really don’t see you more than a couple of times a year for checkups.”

    Patient: “Well, he’s the most expensive dentist in the area.”

    (The dentist happens to walk by.)

    Patient: “Hey, doctor, you’re the most expensive dentist in the area!”

    Doctor: “Thank you. It’s not true, but thank you.” *walks away*

    Patient: “Are you sure you can’t give me a discount?”

    Receptionist: “Sorry.”

    Patient: “But I pay for his Bimmer!”

    (Note: The doctor actually drives a Honda.)

    Saved By The Belle

    , | California |

    (I used to work at a popular ice cream store, where they mix your ice cream. We got really busy during the weekends, with lines out the door. This happened as I was going down the line asking customers for their order.)

    Me: “Hello, what would you like today?”

    Customer: “Are you high?”

    Me: “Uh…what?”

    Customer: “Your eyes are REALLY red. That’s okay, I’m cool with it…I am sure it makes this job more fun.” *grins*

    Me: “Um, I’m not high. I have contacts and they make my eyes really red.”

    Customer: “Oh, gotcha.” *winks*

    (At this point, I am hoping I dont lose my job for something this stupid.)

    Me: “So what can I get you?”

    Customer: “Nothing, I am just looking.”

    Lady next to customer: “I know you are not high dear, don’t panic.” *gives me a tip*

    Fully Armed And Operational Feminine Wiles

    | Boston, MA, USA |

    (A very attractive woman gets out of a Mercedes. She is wearing a mini skirt and halter top. Her outfit leaves nothing to the imagination.)

    Attractive Customer: “I need 20 on 3.”

    Me: “Okay.” *I ring her up and she pays*

    Attractive Customer: “So is someone else working or do you pump the gas?”

    Me: “This is a self-service station; we don’t pump the gas for you.”

    Attractive Customer: “Well, there is no way I am pumping the gas myself.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t pump the gas for you.”

    Attractive Customer: “This is no way to get a tip! I am the customer and I want you to pump the gas for me.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, but if I leave the counter I could be fired. As I said this is a self service station; it means you have to do it yourself.”

    Attractive Customer: “FINE!”

    (She then walks out to her car and yells…)

    Attractive Customer: “Is someone going to pump me or do I have to do it myself?!”

    *every guy at the station goes running over to help her*

    Also seen on: Not Always Romantic.

    How About Some Ritalin While You’re At It

    | Georgia, USA |

    (Our insurance transmitter was experiencing problems, so we were unable to transmit to any insurance companies when filling prescriptions. I explained this to one customer, who decided to sit and wait for a while to see if the transmitter would come back up. Meanwhile another customer came in with a prescription.)

    New Customer: “Hi, I’d like this filled please.”

    Me: *explains transmitter problem*

    New Customer: “Oh that’s okay, I don’t have insurance.”

    Me: “No problem, we’ll have it ready in just a few minutes.”

    Original Customer: “Wait! I was ahead of her! Why isn’t mine ready!?”

    Me: “We are still waiting for the insurance transmitter to come back up, sir.”

    Original Customer: “Well how did you fill hers!”

    New Customer: “I pay cash, I don’t have prescription coverage.”

    Original Customer: “Well I pay cash too!”

    Me: “You want to just get it at retail price, and not use insurance?”

    Original Customer: “Yes! I have cash! I’ll pay for it, just fill it now!”

    (5 minutes later…)

    Me: “Okay sir, we’ve got you ready. The total comes to $35.99.”

    Original Customer: “WHAT! My co-pay is only $3.00!”

    Me: “Sir, you said you wanted to go ahead and pay cash price since the insurance transmitter is still down.”

    Original Customer: “I do have cash! See?” *shows wallet with cash in it* “Why is it $35?! You people don’t know anything! I’m taking my business elsewhere!”

    Me: *face palm*

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