2D Thoughts For 1D Minds

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Customer: “Hi, why are these towels $4.99, but the others $6.99?”

Me: “The $6.99 towels are 6 feet long, and the $4.99 towels aren’t.”

Customer: “But why are they different prices?”

Me: “That’s because one is longer than the other.”

Customer: “I still don’t understand”

Customer’s Friend: “One is a bath sheet.”

Customer: “What does that mean?”

Customer’s Friend: “It’s 6 feet long. The other one is 4 feet long.”

Customer: “That doesn’t make any sense!”

The Lesser Of Two Buttocks

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Caller: “I’m finding out that hamsters like to move around a lot. Do you have a pet that doesn’t move as much?”

Me: “What seems to be the problem with the hamsters?”

Caller: “Well, I don’t like it when they move suddenly. It scares me. And I don’t like their rears.”

Me: “Their…rears?”

Customer: “Yes, their rears! I don’t like it when they don’t face me. Do you have a pet that doesn’t move as much?”

Me: “Well, we have tarantulas… they mostly just sit there and move slowly and rarely.”

Caller: “What’s a tarantula?”

Me: “It’s kind of a big hairy spider.”

(Suddenly, it sounds as if the phone has hit the ground. A few moments later…)

Customer: “I think I’ll stick with hamsters.”

Microsoft Works – Part 2

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Customer: “My computer keeps stopping.”

Me: “Stopping?”

Customer: “Well, yeah. I click on things and nothing happens.”

Me: “Have you rebooted the machine?”

Customer: “No. Actually, I’ve got a lot of websites open. Do you think I’ve run out of Windows?”

Laptop Flop

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Me: “Hi! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I would like to purchase a laptop but want to customize it a little bit.”

Me: “Okay, great I can help you with that!” (I pulled up her account, pull up the laptop that she wants to customize.)

Customer: “Okay, I want 3gb of memory, 160gb hard-drive, oh and also, can you please move the ‘delete’ key next to the space bar? I hate having to go to the top of the keyboard to press that.”

Appointment With Stupidity

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Me: “Service Center, how may I help you?”

Customer: “I need to make an appointment to get my oil changed.”

Me: “Oh alright. Well, just so you know, you can come in whenever you are available during the week.”

Customer: “So, Monday through Friday?”

Me: “Yep!”

Customer: “So, wait…we don‚Äôt need an appointment?”

Me: “Nope, just come right in!”

Customer: “So, what your saying is we don‚Äôt need an appointment?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Customer: “I dunno about that.”

Me: “About what?”

Customer: “Not having an appointment.”

Me: “Well, do you want me to put you down for an appointment?”

Customer: “You just said I didn‚Äôt need one!”

Me: “Well, so you’re not so confused, I can put you in whatever slot you want.”

Customer: “No, I’ll just go somewhere else!”

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