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    Grab Bag: MMA-SF

    , | San Francisco, CA, USA |

    (I work for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s retail store. Here are a few things customers have asked me.)

    1. “Do you sell doo-rags here?”

    2. “Do you want to come live in my condo with me, wrap my gifts and keep me company?”

    3. “What?! Iced tea makes you thirsty?!”

    4. “Do my earrings make me look like Greta Garbo? Do they scream ‘I want to be alone’?!”

    5. “Are these rainbow watches for the queers?”

    911 Grab Bag: Define “Emergency”

    The War Of 1812 Revisited

    | Baltimore, MD, USA |

    Me: “Have a good day, sir.”

    Old man: “Thank you. Is your family doing anything for the 4th of July?”

    Me: “Not really. We’re Canadian so we may hold a BBQ on July 1st, which is Canada Day.”

    Old man: “WHAT? You’re not American? I thought all foreigners had to become American when they came to this country!”

    Me: “No sir, my family all has green cards, so we’re all still Canadian citizens.”


    The War Of 1812 Redux

    Her Wiser Self Is Weeping Right Now

    | Philadelphia, PA, USA |

    Me: “Ma’am, may I see your ID for your credit card?”

    Customer: “Why?”

    Me: *points to the back* “Because it says to ‘See ID’.”

    Customer: “Oh, right. I wrote that there so you can take it.”

    Me: “I still need to see your ID.”

    Customer: “Why? I wrote that so you know it’s me.”

    Me: “Imagine if someone stole your card, told me they wrote ‘See ID’ and I accepted it?”

    Customer: “But that didn’t happen, it’s really my card. Just take it!”

    Plastic, It’s Faaantastic

    | Hattiesburg, MS, USA |

    Me: “Hello, thank you for calling . We have thousands of rentals for 99 cents. How may I help you?”

    Customer: “Uh, yeah, I just bought a movie from yer lil’ store, and uh, I can’t get the darn thing open!”

    (In our store, we have movies protected against theft by having a magnetic lock in them, so my first thought was maybe we had left the lock in.)

    Me: “Um, yes, I apologize. I think we might have left the lock in by mistake. Would you mind driving back here and–”


    Me: “Oh. Sorry, ma’am. Well, I need to know if the lock is in there. Could you turn the case over and look at the bottom ridge for a little yellow tab?”

    Customer: “…”

    Me: “Ma’am?”

    Customer: “You ain’t makin’ yerself clear, honey.”

    Me: “Okay, turn the box upside down so that you’re looking at its ridge. Is there a little yellow tab there?”

    Customer: “Oh, I see. Erm. Wait. Is it inside the box?”

    Me: … I’m sorry?”

    Customer: “Do I need to open it to see it?”

    Me: “Well, if there’s a lock in there, you won’t be able to open it. Please flip the case over, and look for the yellow tab in the bottom corner–”

    Customer: “Uhm, yeah. I bought this movie called Babe. It’s about a pig.”

    Me: “Yes, I’m familiar with the movie, ma’am. Now if you would please look for the yellow tab?”

    (This goes on for about five minutes. By now, I’m getting extremely frustrated and I’m tired of being friendly.)

    Me: “Ma’am, is the movie covered in plastic?!”

    Customer: “Yeah.”

    Me: “Well, have you tried cutting the plastic?”

    Customer: “…”

    Me: “Ma’am? Did you get it open?”

    Customer: “Yes ma’am! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

    Like, OMG, You’re Stupid

    | Louisiana, USA | Top

    (I’m a desk assistant at a college dorm. One day, these two giggly freshman girls come up to me.)

    Girl #1: “Ummm… can we, like, borrow your phonebook?”

    Me: “Sure thing.”

    Girl #1: *flips through the book, looking completely dumbfounded*

    Me: “Need help finding something?”

    Girl #2: *whispers* “Jason’s is under ‘J’.”

    Girl #1: *whispers back* “I know, but sometimes I forget the alphabet…”

    Girl #2: “OmiGAWD me too!”¬†*giggle giggle*

    (I grab the phonebook and look up their listing.)

    Me: “Here–Jason’s.”

    Girl #1: “Oh my GAWD thank you! They should really have a college course for, like, phone books! I’m not from this town, so, ya know…”

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