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    That Would Be A Mis-Steak

    | Adelaide, Australia | Uncategorized

    Customer: “Does this honey baked ham contain real honey?”

    Me: “Yes, it’s a honey glaze.”

    Customer: “Oh, I won’t get it then. It was for my daughter, she’s vegan. She can’t have honey, as she doesn’t believe in eating any animal products.”

    Drives You Round The U-Bend

    | Big Rapids, MI, USA | Uncategorized

    Customer: “The fish tank I have is really dirty and starting to smell, so I want to clean it but someone told me that I can’t use tap water in a fish tank.”

    Me: “Yeah, you either have to get spring water or buy a bottle of water conditioner, and just add that to the tap water.”

    Customer: “Oh. What if I use toilet water instead of tap water?”

    It’s Also A One-Way Trip

    | Netherlands | Uncategorized

    Me: “*** Post Office, can I help you?”

    Customer: “I would like to get God’s address.”

    Me: “Sir, we don’t have an actual address for God.”

    Customer: “But how can you know where to deliver letters to God without an address?”

    Me: “We deliver them to the church down the street.”

    Customer: “So you are telling me you don’t actually deliver the letters to God himself?”

    Me: “Um, no.”

    Customer: “I cannot believe you lie to all these people and deliver those letters to some crappy church!! I need my letter to be delivered to God directly! I hate you!”

    Me: “I am very sorry, sir. I guess you’ll have to go deliver the letter yourself. But look on the bright side, it saves you a postal stamp!”

    Customer: “Yeah, I guess so.” *click*

    Branded As Stupid

    | St. Augustine, FL, USA | Uncategorized

    Customer: “There is a brand that they sell only in Europe. Do you have that brand?”

    Me: “It’s a shoe brand?”

    Customer: “Yeah.”

    Me: “And they sell it only in Europe?”

    Customer: “Yeah.”

    Me: “Do you know where you are?”

    Customer: “Yeah.”

    Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, we just don’t have that brand.”

    Shout Until You’re Bleu In The Face

    | Newberg, OR, USA | Uncategorized

    (I work in the dining room at a retirement home. I’m offering an elderly woman soup.)

    Me: “Hi there, Susie! Would you like some soup tonight?”

    Elderly Woman: “What?”

    Me: *raising my voice* “Would you like some SOUP?”

    Elderly Woman: “WHAT?”

    Me: *I put mouth right by her ear and basically yell at her* “DO YOU WANT SOUP?”

    Elderly Woman: “Why are you speaking French?”

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