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A New Dimension Of Stupidity, Part 2

Macon, GA, USA | Movies & TV, Top

(I am working as a cashier at a movie theater.)

Me: “Here are your tickets, ma’am. The theater is on your right. Here are your 3D glasses.”

(About five minutes pass before I hear her complaining to my manager.)

Customer: “…and that girl didn’t tell me! She should be fired! I could have really gotten hurt tripping over the stairs. She never told me that I only needed the 3D glasses for the movie!”

Manager: “Ma’am, you don’t need the glasses for real life. Real life is already in three dimensions.”

A New Dimension Of Stupidity

Ah Fathers, Part 4

| California, USA | Family & Kids, Uncategorized

(A customer walks up to the counter in a very aggressive way.)

Customer: “You sold a very violent game to my 14 year old son!”

Me: “I apologize, which game did we sell him?”

(The customer hands me copy of the game.)

Me: “Sir, this games is rated "M" we won’t sell this game to anyone under the age of 17 without proper I.D. Are you sure he got it here?”

Customer: “Yeah!” *hands me receipt*

(The receipt had been printed at my register, and was marked for earlier that day.)

Me: “The only copy of this game we sold today was sold to a 21 year old.”

Customer: “Well he acts like a 14 year old!”

Ah, Fathers, Part 3
Ah, Fathers, Part 2
Ah, Fathers

Dishing The Dirt

| Oulu, Finland | Crazy Requests, Uncategorized

(During a renovation clean up for an apartment building, a random person from another apartment in the same building approaches me.)

Customer: “Hi, I noticed that you are back again. When are you going to get to cleaning my kitchen?”

Me: “What apartment number would that be, Sir?”

Customer: “11.”

Me: “Sorry Sir, you’re not on the list for cleaning. Maybe you should ask about that from the boss for the renovating company?”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Because you’re not listed for the renovation clean up.”

Customer: “But I haven’t had any renovating done!”

Me: “Then why are you asking us to come and clean your kitchen?”

Customer: “Because it’s filthy!”

How To Kill, To Kill A Mockingbird, Part 2

| United Kingdom | Books & Reading, Uncategorized

(I find a young customer looking a little lost in the nature section.)

Me: “Can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I’m looking for a book about killing birds.”

Me: “Killing birds?”

Customer: “Yeah, I need it for school.”

Me: “Do you mean To Kill a Mockingbird, by any chance?”

Customer: “Yeah that’s it! Do you have it?”

(I take him to the classics section and show him the book.)

Me: “You know, its not actually about killing birds.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “It’s about social injustice in 1930’s America.”

Customer: “Oh. That doesn’t sound as much fun. Do you have any books about killing birds?”

Me: “I hope not.”

How To Kill, To Kill A Mockingbird

The Holy Ghost

| Hyde Park, London, UK | Religion, Uncategorized

Tourist: “Excuse me, do you know why are there so many police and ambulances about?”

Me: “It’s for the Pope’s visit. He’s preaching in the Cathedral and then there’s a procession.”

Tourist: “But didn’t the Pope die years ago?”

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