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    Not Always Right: The Comic – Roundup #3

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    Not Always Right: The Comic is a series of funny comic strips inspired by true events based on stories submitted by you, our readers! Check out our roundup of the latest Comics from Not Always Right!

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    They’re Un-bear-able

    | Gatlinburg, TN, USA | Pets & Animals, Tourists/Travel

    (My sister and I work in a store that is located in a tourist town just outside the Smoky Mountain National Park.)

    Customer: “We want to see the bears.”

    (Black bears are a very popular part of the wildlife in the National Park and area. They actually come to my house all of the time.)

    Me: “Well, you can go up to Ober Gatlinburg where they have a bear pen.”

    Customer: “Oh, no, we want to see them in the wild.”

    Me: “That’ll be hard to arrange…”

    Customer: “Say, what time do they let the bears out in the park?”

    Me: “They don’t let them out. They are wild animals. They come whenever they want to.”

    Customer: “Then how can we see them?”

    Me: “Well, you could drive around Mt Leconte and get lucky. Or you could just leave your garbage out on your front porch and wait. They’ll come.”

    How To Get Yourself Fired

    | London, England, UK | Extra Stupid

    (I work for an IT company that, among other things, provides technical support for IT equipment to customers. On company I take calls for has hundreds of small restaurants dotted across the UK. I receive a call from a site in London around the time of the riots.)

    Me: “Welcome to the [Company] support desk. You’re speaking to [My Name]. How can I help?”

    Customer: “Hi, this is [Store]. The building next to us has been set fire and the smoke and flames are coming into our building. What do we do?”

    Me: *in a slightly panicked voice* “Silly question, but have you contacted the fire department and evacuated the building?”

    Customer: “errr… No, what’s their number?”

    Me: “999.” *the number for emergency services in the UK*

    Customer: “Okay, I’ll call them now.”

    Under-wear Me Out

    | USA | Bad Behavior, Hotels & Lodging

    (A guest, an old skinny man, comes down in nothing but boxers. I am female. He’s a long term regular.)

    Guest: “Oh… I thought… what happened with that other feller that was here b’fore?”

    Me: “He left already. You know, you can’t… um, walk around with nothing on.”

    Guest: “I HAVE SOMETHING ON! I’M NOT NEKKID! Oh well, I’d like a wake up call at…” *mumble*

    Me: “At when?”

    Guest: *suddenly yelling* “AT FAH O’ CLOCK!”

    Me: “Five o’ clock?”

    Guest: “‘S what I said.”

    Me: “Okay.”

    Guest: “Well?…You don’t even know which room I’m in?!”

    Me: “Room 111 right?”

    Guest: *looks dumbstruck* “How…?”

    Me: “You stay here every night. I know who you are, Mr. [Name].”

    Guest: *nods and wanders off*

    (I heard a scream. A young mother and child walking down had seen him, in his underwear.)

    Bitter Sweet Tea

    | PA, USA | Bad Behavior, Food & Drink

    (The company I work for used to have tea from a syrup and then decided to brew our own tea and had a flavored tea as a promotional item for the summer that lasted until late November. It is now February and is pretty much dead due to the miserable weather the night before. I have been taking orders and my manager has been cashing out cars at the first window while doing paperwork.)

    Me: “Welcome to [Fast Food Company]. How can I help you?”

    Customer: “I want a raspberry tea.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, we no longer have that flavor. We have sweet or unsweet tea.”

    Customer: “I want a peach tea.”

    Me: “I’m sorry, we only have sweet or unsweet tea.”

    Customer: “What is most popular?”

    Me: “Probably the sweet tea.”

    Customer: “I’ll take a large of that.”

    Me: *rings it up and then hands it out when they get to the window*

    Customer: “This is what I think of your sweet tea.” *doesn’t even bother to take a sip before he takes the lid off and proceeds to pour it out in the drive thru, splashing it all over the drive thru window and then drives off*

    Next Customer: “What in the world was that about?”

    Me: “That is what I would call a tea party for one.”

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