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    Our Great Snootocracy

    | San Diego, CA, USA |

    (A customer in his 70s starts this conversation as I’m serving his food.)

    Customer: “So, how far along in college are you?”

    Me: “I actually already graduated.”

    Customer: “Are you sure? You look too young to have finished college.”

    Me: “I get that all the time. Yes, I graduated early, last semester.”

    Customer: “And you didn’t go to grad school? All you young people are lacking ambition! As soon as you finish school you’re content with taking some dead-end job!”

    Me: “Actually sir, I really wanted to go to law school, but I couldn’t pull the funds together.”

    Customer: “Oh, so you’re poor? Then you stay working here. I don’t want people like you contaminating America’s fine businesses!”