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    One Night And One Night Only

    | Minneapolis, MN, USA | Movies & TV

    Caller: “I notice on your website that you show [kid’s movie] at midnight.”

    Me: “Yes ma’am, that is correct.”

    Caller: “Why would you do that? No little kid is going to see that movie at midnight!”

    Me: “Ma’am, we have midnight showings for all movies, no matter the intended audience.”

    Caller: “Well, how am I supposed to bring my kids to a midnight showing? This is a formal complaint and I would like to speak to your manager.”

    Me: “Just one second, ma’am, I will send you to a manager.”

    (I connect the caller with a manager.)

    Caller: “How the h*** am I supposed to take my kids to see this movie if it only shows at midnight?”

    Manager: “Ma’am, that is just the day before it is released. It will show many other days at normal times.”

    Caller: “Well, why didn’t anybody ever tell me that?!”