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    On The Other Hand She Seems Fine

    | LA, USA | Health & Body

    (It’s a couple hours until closing. Our store is well known for discount prices. I’m in the accessories section rearranging the purses. On the other side of the see-through rack is a woman frantically picking through purses that are not hung up.)

    Customer: *rummaging madly* “Ow, ow, ow…”

    Me: “…ma’am? Is everything alright?”

    (The customer looks up with a great big grin that’s hiding obvious pain.)

    Customer: “Yes! Everything is wonderful. I’m just having some trouble deciding what bag to get. There are so many!”

    Me: “You were saying ‘ow’.”

    Customer: “Oh, that. I was in [other retail store] before coming here, and I broke one of my fingers.”

    Me: “You broke one of your fingers?”

    (She holds up the obviously injured digit. It’s swollen and not looking too good.)

    Customer: “Yep! But, I just had to come here! The hospital is always open, but you guys close soon!”

    Me: “G-good luck…”

    (She eventually leaves without buying anything. I hope she got to the hospital!)