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    Oh, Dear God, It’s Growing Bigger

    | Atlanta, GA, USA | Geeks Rule, Rude & Risque

    (I am selling t-shirts at Dragon*Con, a very large media/SF convention in Atlanta. One of our most popular shirts is one with, “This is my Boomstick” emblazoned on the front, with an outline of Ash from the Evil Dead movies. As we are very busy, I’m in the habit of glancing at the shirt and asking the customer for the size to make checkout faster.)

    Me: “…and what size is your boomstick, sir?”

    Customer #1: “Large.”

    Me: “I can’t believe I said that. Sorry.”

    Customer #1: “Um, okay.”

    Customer #2: *hands me money* “Just to let you know, MY boomstick is extra-large!”