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    Ocean’s Negative Seven

    | Bossier City, LA, USA | Uncategorized

    (A woman walks up to my blackjack table, and sits down without putting any money up for her bet. I assume she’s waiting for the end of the shoe.)

    Woman: “How come I didn’t get a hand?”

    Me: “I’m sorry, you didn’t have your bet up when the cards came out. I’ll get you on the next.”

    (When I get ready to deal the next, I tap the bet box in front of her.)

    Me: “You comin’ in?”

    Woman: “Yes.”

    Me: “It’s a fifteen dollar table.”

    Woman: “What?”

    Me: “Table minimum is fifteen.”

    Woman: “I have to pay to play?”

    Me: “Well, if you win, I’ll give you fifteen more and you get to keep all of it.”

    Woman: “What happens if I don’t win?”

    Me: “At that point it becomes the casino’s money.”

    Woman: “That’s stealing!”

    Me: “No, that’s gambling.”