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    Obama Is On A Roll

    | VA, USA | Food & Drink, Politics, Top

    Me: “May I offer you a basket of bread?”

    Customer: “Yeah, do you think I can have a basket of just the rolls?”

    Me: “Absolutely! I’ll be right back—”

    Customer: “You know I bet 99.9% of people who walk in here only want the rolls. Am I right? Why do you even bother carrying the other bread?”

    Me: “Well, sir, actually a lot of people like the other bread. Some people even request baskets with no rolls!”

    (The customer is all of a sudden very worked up.)

    Customer: “Well, I bet those people are people who voted for Obama!”

    Me: “I really wouldn’t know, sir.”

    Customer: “Well you could probably just tell by looking at them!”

    Me: “Sir, I really have no idea what people’s political leanings are based on their bread preferences.”

    Customer: “Whatever…”