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    O Dear

    | Anchorage, AK, USA | At The Checkout, Technology

    (I’m working at the self-checkout area. I watch over the customers, and help them if they seem lost. One customer has a bunch of green onions, and is looking for them in the ‘No Barcode’ area, under ‘G’. This is a common mistake, so I go to help.)

    Me: “‘O’, ma’am.”

    Customer: “Oh, what?”

    Me: “No, ‘O’. It’s under ‘O’.”

    Customer: “It’s under oh what? What’s it under?”

    Me: “‘O’.”

    Customer: “Oh, what? What’s it under?”

    (I walk over to her and tap the ‘O’ button.)

    Me: “No, it’s under ‘O’. ‘O’ for onion.”

    Customer: “Oh. Oh, ‘O’!”

    Me: “Yeah, ‘O’.”

    Customer: “Oh, okay!”